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Essential Drone Buying Guide

Five things you should know before buying a drone

Drones today come in all shapes and sizes and with all kinds of bells and whistles that make it all the more appealing to the general consumer. Below I list out the 5 basic but essential features to look out for in every drone. These features are what I consider the bare minimal features to look into when looking to buy a drone. The reviews published on this site follow a similar structure.

1. Design and size

The very first thing you should do is know what you are going to use this drone for. With that in mind, you can then narrow down to what type and size of drone you need. Are you going to fly indoors most of the time or are you looking to shoot professional grade aerial footages of wide open spaces? This will determine the size of drone you should get. Or perhaps you’re looking for something that can shoot good quality videos of you while on vacation, then perhaps you need a foldable drone that is portable and not eat up your luggage space. You should consider weight, compactness with functionality.

2. Battery Life

Undoubtedly one of the most important factors. The capacity of your drone’s battery determines how long you actually get to enjoy flying it. It should have enough juice to satisfy your needs. Yes battery life has improved a lot, however you don’t want to be charging a battery for hours only to fly it for a few minutes.

3. Camera

Not all drones come with cameras, but 90% of the time, you want to fly a drone so that you are able to take videos and photos that you are unable to take from ground level. Thus cameras become a crucial feature. Cameras can range from a few megapixels to 4K definition. Some come stuck to the drone, some with gimbals and stabilizers to give you that buttery smooth pro-grade videos. And with the growing demand for racing drones, live FPV is also something to look out for if that is your thing.

4. Speed and Range

The required top speed of your drone as well as the range of control again boils down to what you intend to use your drone for. Most drones have a range of about 100 to a few hundred meters, while a more decent one could have a range of up to several miles or kilometers. You may not need much range if you are mostly flying indoors, while if you’re looking to do aerial photography, then the further your drone can travel, the better. Speed is usually not huge factor unless you’re into drone racing.

5. Smart Features

With each new release comes new technology. Drones today are equipped with so many smart features that make it a breeze to fly one, even for beginners. These include obstacle avoidance sensors, follow-me tracking, waypoints, point of interest, headless mode, just to name a few.